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Want a Micro Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder? Get SimplyShred PSC310D!

Securing all the personal information must be the first priority for any business professionals. A lot of your sensitive data has been printed on paper, that’s of no use anymore. Are you looking for a shredder that can deliver good functionality and security to your small business or office? Have a look at the detailed review of Simply Shred PSC310D, the perfect solution for what you need.

Heavy duty

This shredder can handle much more than just some sheets of paper. It’s possible to stack as many as 10 sheets at a time. It can even deal with the staples, so pulling them out before shredding is not required. The machine has individual shredding slots for credit cards, CD/DVDs and paper. Everything gets cut extremely find and its outcome looks similar to confetti than the typical shredded paper you usually get with most of the commercial paper shredder machines. It’s wheels are located near the base and can be locked. So they can’t roll if you don’t want them to.

Good looks and functionality

The black and matte metallic design gives a modernistic feel and goes well with just about any water scheme or room color. The band has got a clear section right in the center of the draw, which means you can easily figure out how full it is. Everything else operates on its own, once you turn on the power switch. There’s no need to hold a press any shredding buttons, like the machines by some other brands. Simply feeding anything you want shredded and this machine will sense it. After that, it will come out of the sleep mode and begin pulling the items inside for shredding.

Great efficiency

The waste bin has a lot of capacity. You won’t notice more than a thin layer of garbage at its bottom, even after shredding lots of sheets of paper along with various CDs. This unit can shred paper so finely, that it’s almost impossible to figure out what it was used for, let alone the information mentioned in it.

Who Would Buy This?

If you want a great looking shredder, has a small footprint and gets the job done perfectly – Simply Shred PSC310D is for you! It’s size makes it suitable for a small business or a Home Office.

Value for money?

This machine has all the features one would like to see in a shredder, and a lot more. Considering the amount of functionality, quality, and its compact size – it’s well worth the money it’s being currently sold for.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose is known to produce high quality speakers and their latest product in the portable speaker market is the Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. With the Mini, Bose is aiming to target a broader audience especially those who fall under the category of mobile gadget users. Like any other Bluetooth speakers out there, it will seamlessly stream audio from any tablet, smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled audio player and PC.

It is also designed to be very simple and user-friendly, with buttons that are clearly labeled and positioned on top. The Soundlink Mini can remember up to six mobile devices, so once you sync your device with the speaker, it will automatically pair with that device when it comes within the range of the Mini.

What Are The Essential Features It Can Offer?

It comes with a desktop charging cradle, which lets you use the speaker while it’s charging. A folding AC adapter is also included in the package, which is a substitute for the cradle when you’re going outdoors.

This speaker can connect via Micro-USB, but that is for firmware upgrade only. It’s not for charging purposes, so you still need to use the AC adapter if you want to charge its built-in battery. When it comes to connectivity, it has an auxiliary input on the side used to connect with non-Bluetooth devices.

But there is a downside to the SoundLink Mini – it doesn’t have a speakerphone capability. While this is not a deal-breaker for most people, other consumers who want this particular feature would really be disappointed.

How Much Is A Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker?

The initial cost for the Bose Soundlink Mini is $199, a bit pricey for such a small speaker, but then again its audio performance can cover for its price tag. Also, if you want to protect your mini via protective sleeves, you will need to buy one for another $25, while the carrying case is also sold separately at $45.

As for me, the carrying case is only optional but the protective sleeves are necessary for accidental bumps and falls. The sleeves will also make your Mini more attractive; because it has several color options that you can choose from. It’s also possible to charge the speaker even if you don’t remove the sleeves.

What Is The Rating Of Its Audio Performance?

I rate the Mini at 4.7 out of 5 for audio performance, and a lot of audiophile and portable speaker enthusiasts out there who tested this ultra-compact speaker will agree with my verdict. The Bose Soundlink Mini can produce clear, crisp and vibrating sound, but will not overwhelm you with bass. Although it can produce impressive bass for its size, and its mids and highs are also superb.

What I like most about this speaker, is that it’s not as loud as any of its competitors in the market, but even at full volume sound distortion is almost non-existent – that’s what I call “Sound Clarity.” This mobile device can produce high quality sound that can cover a medium-sized room with a considerable number of people in it. However, if you’re planning to use it in a larger space, then you’ll need to have a more powerful speaker system.

Does It Have A Good Design?                          

The speaker’s design is substantial but not its strongest point. Although it looks good and very handy, it can easily fit inside your bag, so you can bring it with you on your travels. It only weighs 1.5 pounds and very stable – it won’t tip over.

The Mini’s enclosure is made up of solid aluminum. Its control buttons are rubberized and the front and back grills are made of metal. This portable speaker looks durable as compared to its plastic counterparts.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek design, compact and very handy
  • Aluminum enclosure with metal front and back grills for durability
  • A good charging cradle plus additional AC adapter as substitute
  • Top of the line audio performance that can rival even larger wired speaker systems on the market
  • Can remember up to 6 mobile devices
  • Can be fitted with colorful protective sleeves for additional protection and style


  • No Speakerphone Capabilities
  • Carrying case and protective sleeves are sold separately
  • A bit expensive if compared with other Bluetooth speakers in the ultra-compact category

Coffee Makers Make Sure You Choose the Best One

Are you looking to buy coffee maker, and not able to decide which brand to choose? You are not alone; lots of people have the same problem, what brand to choose? Especially in these days when the technology continues to advance every day. There are lots of brands available in market. Some famous ones are Barnum Coffee, Flavio, Kitchen Aid and lots more; having such a huge brands availability definitely confuse consumers to decide which brand they choose. Now days, programmable coffee makers are in most demand, if you are a coffee lover then this is the first choice you want to buy.

These types of coffee maker are very convenient to use. In just a few minutes, after putting necessary ingredients you can enjoy sipping a hot drink. If you are busy person and want your cup of coffee fresh and fast, that will be a perfect choice for you, for home and office use. If you are little moody and want to change coffee flavors, espresso machine can be ideal choice for you. It is also helpful for those families, having different flavor preferences by each member. Tips to choose the right brand -First of all decide your needs, budget and preference, depending upon your family and requirements before just rushing to buy a new coffee maker.

Decide what functions you want in your coffee maker. There is lots of brands available depending upon the capacity, from a single user coffee maker to multiple users coffee maker. Some brands can make only one cup of coffee at a time, some even up to 12 cups. Having a family or If you occasionally give parties and get together with friend who love coffee too , then it better to buy a brand with good capacity.

If you find certain coffee maker fulfill your needs perfectly, don’t go for extra features un-necessary as you are spending on the features which is not must for you, in this way you can save some extra bucks. -If your budget is not the problem, then compare features of different brands by putting in a chart and choose the one which best fulfill your needs.

Of-course, you have to clean you coffee maker almost every day, so make sure you can easily clean it and all the parts are washable and won’t be damage by soap or water.

It not a wise decision to buy a coffee maker that is big in size and mis-fits your kitchen counter, or it should not be too small that it becomes difficult for you to use it. So buy the appropriate size that’s not only fits your kitchen but easy to handle too.

Search online what are the most popular types of coffee makers available, read their features, read the reviews given by people, read all the pro and the cons, that can also help you to make decision easily.

Also if your neighbors or friends already have some coffee maker, seek their advice, why they choose that brand, what are the pro and cons and what additional features they like in their coffee maker You might already have some brand name in mind, if you already have some other items of that brand and those items are fulfilling your needs perfectly and you don’t have any problem faced with their other product, it’s better to choose the same brand rather just trying a new one.

Everybody wants to drink a best coffee of their choice, for this they need the best coffee maker. So take selection process seriously. Having tons of brands and styles available it difficult to decide which one to buy, but once you set your preferences, its can be easy to reach at final decision and that coffee maker can have a long partnership with you, being a part of your life and keeping you fresh and cool in your daily life.